The Story

Growing up in New Orleans, we were bred to conquer life’s most challenging tests. Being brought up in the days when our elements were labeled as some of the darkest and most dangerous in America, to overcoming the tragedy of a hurricane named Katrina – we remained inspired by “Hope”. We at NINTH&LUX believe that “Hope” is represented by “Light”, and “LUX” measures that intensity of how bad we truly seek greatness. So no matter where you started from, your background or culture, we all seek hope to add drive in our journeys of making our dreams a reality. From the most beautiful diamond, to the most polished piece of gold, we truly understand “that nothing can shine without light.”

So here we are…born from the Ninth Ward and groomed by life. We are creating a lifestyle brand inspired to inspire. Whether it’s the neighborhoods, the music, the art, the history, or the cultures we embrace; NINTH&LUX will bring a sense of confidence and quality that cannot be denied. We will also show that having the best of anything, does not have to be just a dream. We are making things happen, and we choose to do so by utilizing the platforms of fashion and style to project, “not only do we shine, but we are also fly.”

The IX is our Start, The Lux is our Hope, The Top is our Dream, and We are our Reality.